Contact Lenses

Our team at You and Eye Opticians are extremely experienced in all aspects of eye care. We understand the many concerns and requirements that most contact lens wearers have. One of the ways that we strive to make contact lenses accessible to all is by making sure we provide a well rounded service. As an additional benefit, our contact lenses are very affordable and are available for as little as £10 a month.

Contact lenses are one of the miracles of modern technology

Today, more than three million people in the UK enjoy the clear, natural and unobstructed vision offered by contact lenses which have none of the problems of getting fogged up or splashed with rain as glasses sometimes do.

Are Contact Lenses right for me?

Common eyesight defects – such as short-sightedness and long-sightedness – are easily corrected with contact lenses, but now conditions such as astigmatism and presbyopia can also be treated very effectively.

In the past, people with astigmatism (where the cornea is more oval than round, causing distortion of vision) were restricted to wearing glasses. Today’s ‘toric’ contact lenses can correct this and be custom made for each individual to provide clear vision. Many of these can now be ordered from stock and be available to wear in just a few days.

Presbyopia gradually affects everyone over the age of about 40, making it difficult to shift focus between near and distant objects; this condition can also be managed with contact lenses.

As contact lenses are worn on the surface of your eye, there’s nothing to obstruct your peripheral vision in the way that spectacle frames might. As your eyes move, the lenses move too, so that you’re always looking through the centre, where your vision is best. In many cases, people actually see better with contact lenses than they do with their glasses.