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Glasses are a relatively infrequent purchase for most of us and it is important to get good advice about what will be best for us. Not all lenses are the same, and the range of options can be bewildering.

As a Seiko specialist we have expert knowledge of a wide range of lenses and can give you simple advice on the benefits and suitability of the various lenses for you and your lifestyle. This will enable you to assess the options and make a more informed choice. We have a friendly team who have extensive knowledge and education in lens technology enabling us to match the best lenses for your needs.

We also fit and supply all types of contact lenses – from daily disposables for more convenience and comfort to more complex tailor-made designs.

Do you or your child have difficulty reading? Call us to have a chat about our NEW ReadEZ system and see if it can help you.

Hearing Care Centre – Offered in conjunction with Nathan Gluck, based in our shop.

Are you or is someone in your family having difficulty with hearing? Nathan Gluck is one of the most experienced hearing care professionals in North London, Hertfordshire and Middlesex, and can provide you with professional independent advice and testing and can prescribe the most appropriate solution for your hearing loss… Continue reading

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