Meet the team

We are a team of dedicated opticians and eye specialists who are committed to providing the highest quality service to the members of our local community. As part of our desire to assist everyone no matter what their circumstances, You and Eye Opticians are always seeking new ways to make eye care more accessible.

Jack – Qualified ophthalmic optician

Co-owner of the practice. He has experience in working in various different environments including home visits and childrens’ hospital clinics.

Jack – Qualified ophthalmic optician

Janice – Qualified ophthalmic optician

Co-owner of the practice. She has been with practice for 11 years. The warmth and friendliness she imparts to all of our patients along with top quality care and advice, is the mainstay of the business.

Janice Levin - qualified ophthalmic optician

Fran – Orthoptist

This is someone who specialises in muscles and nerves of the eye and is trained to see young children. She also works at a large hospital and has a private practice in Stanmore.

Fran sees all the children in the practice from 6 months to about age 5 and checks for squint or amblyopia (lazy eye) – this is free to the patient. Any problems found are sent to the patient’s GP

She attends 1 Wednesday afternoon a month and sees some adults who have problems with double vision. These patients are then referred to   their local hospital, if necessary.

Fran Goldin - Orthoptist

Andrea – Receptionist

A friendly staff member wanting to provide her best service to our customers.

Andrea Harris - part time receptionist